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ER Probe Menu

Atmospheric / Underground Probes
  ER0250 - Atmospheric Probe
  ER0500 - Underground Probe
Fixed Length Pipe-Plug Mounted Probes
  ER1000 - Small Fixed Length with Loop Element
  ER2000 - Standard Fixed Length with Loop Element
  ER2100 - Standard Fixed Length with Cylindrical Element
Adjustable Length Probes
  ER3000 - Adjustable Length with Loop Element
  ER3100 - Adjustable Length with Cylindrical Element
  ER3110 - Adjustable Length w/ Cylindrical Element & Non-Metallic Body
  ER3200 - Adjustable Length with Flush Element
Retractable Probes
  ER4000 - Retractable with Loop Element
  ER4100 - Retractable with Cylindrical Element
  ER4200 - Retractable with Flush Element
  ER4210 - Retractable with Large Flush Element
Flange Mounted Probes
  ER6000 - Fixed Length with Flange & Loop Element
  ER6100 - Fixed Length with Flange & Cylindrical Element
  ER6200 - Fixed Length with Flange & Flush Element
Retrievable Probes for High Pressure Access Systems
  ER7000 - Retrievable with Loop Element
  ER7100 - Retrievable with Cylindrical Element
  ER7100-ME - Special Retrievable with Cylindrical Element
  ER7210 - Retrievable with Large Flush Element
  ER7210-ME - Special Retrievable with Large Flush Element
  ER7220 - Retrievable w/ Large Adjustable Flush Element
  ER7230 - Retrievable with Large Header


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