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Model ER3100

Electrical Resistance Probe
Adjustable Length with 3/4" NPT Pipe Plug and Cylindrical Element

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Model ER3100 is an adjustable-length, electrical resistance probe with a 3/4" NPT compression fitting. The compression fitting allows the probe to be inserted into the process to the required length. The probe requires process isolation or process shutdown to install and a threaded pipe fitting to mount. The all-welded construction allows the probe to be used in harsh environments. The probe assembly consists of an insertion rod with an element, a hermetically sealed connector welded in place, a 3/4" compression fitting, and a safety nut to prevent blow out. A velocity shield can be added to the assembly if required. The insertion length (I.L.) is calculated to the end of the shield or to the end of the element if a shield is not present. Probe length can be specified by the customer. For standard probes, the maximum insertion length is given in the chart below. Several standard elements are available to meet your specific needs.


Probe Body - 316 Stainless Steel
Element Seal - Welded
Fill Material - Ceramic
Temperature Rating - 500° F / 260° C
Pressure Rating - 1500 PSI / 102 Bar
Mounting - 3/4" NPT Pipe Plug

Std. Length I.L. (max)
6" 8.58"
8" 10.58"
12" 14.58"
18" 20.58"

ER3100 Ordering Information

ER3 - Electrical Resistance Adjustable Pipe Plug Probe
  Pipe Plug Size
2 - 3/4" NPT Pipe Plug
3 - 1" NPT Pipe Plug
  Probe Body Material
22 - 316
44 - C276
  ER Element Options
500 - CT10 Cylindrical - 10 mil thickness (5 mil useful probe life)
600 - CT20 Cylindrical - 20 mil thickness (10 mil useful probe life)
700 - CT50 Cylindrical - 50 mil thickness (25 mil useful probe life)
06 - 8.58 inches max. insertion length
08 - 10.58 inches max. insertion length
12 - 14.58 inches max. insertion length
18 - 20.58 inches max. insertion length
  Element Alloy
  ER Probe Options
00 - No shield
03 - Shield
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This list represents our most common options.  Many other sizes, alloys, and options are available.
Please contact your Metal Samples sales representative if you do not see what you're looking for.
(Note: Not all alloys are available with all element types and seals.)
* Chemically equivalent to standard pipe-grade carbon steels.

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