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Remote Corrosion Monitoring
Telemetry System

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Metal Samples’ remote telemetry system obtains real-time corrosion monitoring data via the Internet from anywhere in the world. The system features communications via satellite to a secure Web Monitor data server. With this powerful web-based back end, you can bring the data to your desk no matter where the site is located.

System Benefits Include:
• Eliminating costly travel to remote sites
• Gathering important corrosion data at a low cost

The built-in solar panel powers the Base Station, allowing for use where no local power is available. Using its internal battery and charge control circuit, the unit functions in the ‘Monitor & Sleep’ mode and can operate unattended for many years.

This 4-input system allows data from up to four corrosion monitoring sites to be transmitted. The system will transmit a daily reading of each monitoring point. The web server will maintain history for each site, and allows for review of the data and calculation of corrosion rates from various, user-selectable time periods.

Telemetry System - Remote Corrosion Monitoring
Remote corrosion monitoring
telemetry system with solar panel

Once the telemetry system is in place, just log in to the provided website to view your data.
Above: Sample data as viewed on the Internet from a corrosion probe connected to the telemetry system.
Data can be exported to multiple formats.

Graphs of corrosion data can be viewed from the web site or can be copied into Excel for more detailed analysis.

Above: Points on the graph can be selected to calculate the corrosion rate and annotations can be added to the plot.

Below: Multi-probe plot.

Technical Specifications

Base Station
Power: Solar panel for autonomous 'Monitor and Sleep' Operation
Enclosure: NEMA 4X case
System Operating Environment
Temperature: -20° to 70°F
Humidity:: 0 - 100% non-condensing
System Features  
  • Configurable from the website - no laptop necessary in the field
  • Worldwide communications
  • Eas-to-use web interface
  • Low monthly messaging costs
Communications Via  
Skyware Inmarset ISatM2M  
Available Configurations  

Electrical Resistance Corrosion Monitor (1 to 4 channels)
Linear Polarization Resistance Corrosion Monitor (1 to 4 channels)
Sand (Erosion) Probe (4 channel)

Call for special applications or configurations.

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