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Corrosion Prediction Software

Metal Samples in partnership with Honeywell Corrosion Solutions offers the industry-leading corrosion prediction software suite which allows you to accurately predict and assess corrosion. These software offer easy-to-implement solutions to complex corrosion prediction and material selection problems for process piping (refinery units), oil/gas pipelines and production systems.

Driving a New Approach to Corrosion Management

The Honeywell Predict Corrosion Suite is a unique solution for today’s operations, which is driving a paradigm shift in tackling difficult corrosion problems, and achieving efficient and safe operations. These software solutions enable users to move away from a reactive response to corrosion based on qualitative, manual inspections, to a proactive, reliability-centric predictive approach based on quantitative information from soft sensors and sound process deviation management and “what-if” scenario analysis tools.

  • Use prediction models/what-if analysis to identify critical corrosion locations
  • Establish IOWs with
    respect to corrosion
  • Plan and design to avoid
    corrosion failures
  • Optimize feedstock selection with visibility into corrosion impact
  • Correlate process
    changes to corrosion rates
  • Know and correctly quantify current health of assets
  • Push operations to corrosion limits with visibility and assurance
  • Regard corrosion as a process variable
  • Deploy resources to support asset integrity/reliability programs
  • Provide visibility for
    responsive actions
  • Ensure economic agility
    for feedstock and
    corrosion optimization

Corrosion rates are visible together with operating data and are relevant to operational teams working on preventing damage and extending equipment life. Multiple stakeholders can leverage corrosion information for a more proactive approach to corrosion management that includes collaboration across the business.

Comprehensive Solutions Portfolio

The Honeywell Predict Corrosion Suite uniquely combines proprietary engineering models with decades of industry-specific research – resulting in software applications that transform process data into valuable corrosion intelligence.

Honeywell has developed a wide range of corrosion prediction solutions to address specific industries
and applications.

  • Predict
    Predict corrosion and erosion in carbon steel

  • Predict-Pipe
    Automate pipeline Internal Corrosion Direct Assessments     (ICDA)

  • Socrates
    Select corrosion-resistant alloy material for
    oil & gas applications

  • Predict-Amine
    Predict corrosion in rich and lean amine systems

  • Predict-SW
    Predict and model sour water corrosion in
    NH4HS environments

  • Predict-Crude
    Quantify corrosion to enable safe crude unit operations

  • Predict-SA
    Quantify corrosion in sulfuric acid alkylation units

  • Predict-RT
    Real-time, intelligent corrosion analytics


Predict® helps users predict and control carbon steel corrosion and erosion in CO2 and H2S environments. It is applicable to most Oil & Gas environments, as well as a number of midstream, pipeline and downstream applications.


Predict®-Pipe enables easy and accurate Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment of both gas (DG-ICDA, WG-ICDA) and liquid petroleum (LP-ICDA) pipelines exposed to corrosive environments due to water and solids accumulation.



Socrates® is a comprehensive corrosion resistant alloy (CRA) material selection system for corrosive oil and gas applications.


Predict®-Amine enables gas plants and refineries to predict and quantify corrosion in rich and lean amine systems.


Predict®-SW accurately predicts corrosion rates for typical process plant materials in corrosive alkaline sour water environments (NH4HS).


Predict®-Crude enables accurate quantification of corrosion due to Naphthenic acid and sulfidic corrosion (termed crude corrosivity) in crude refining unit operations.


Predict®-SA helps users predict and quantify corrosion in sulfuric acid alkylation units.


Predict®-RT is an industry award winning software that gets refinery engineers and plant managers inside their assets, giving them real-time visibility on internal corrosion in piping and equipment. Combining field-proven corrosion prediction and refinery process data, it gives at-a-glance insight into cumulative corrosion damage and instantaneous rates across the plant.


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