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ASTM F36 Gasket Testing Assembly

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ASTM F36 Test Cell for compressibility and recovery of gasket materials.

ASTM F36 Test Cell with Test Panel is the complete assembly for the ASTM F36 test method.

ASTM F36 Test Cell


ASTM F36 Test Cell with Test Panel

P/N TF2436

(Fixture shipped partially assembled.)

P/N TF2401

(Assembly is ready for attachment to pressure supply.)

Ordering Information

Part # Description  
TF2436 ASTM F36 Test Cell
TF2401 ASTM F36 Test Cell with Test Panel

Note: Metal Samples manufactures test apparatus in accordance with ASTM standards. Metal Samples does not conduct test procedures and therefore does not attempt to address testing considerations. Please consult ASTM standards for safety guidelines and additional information regarding testing procedures.

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