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Model LP3100

Linear Polarization Resistance Probe
Adjustable Length with 1" NPT Fitting & 3-Electrode Endcap

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Model LP3100 is a linear polarization resistance probe commonly used in laboratory, bypass-loop, and field applications. The assembly consists of a 1" NPT compression fitting, an insertion rod with a hermetically sealed three-electrode endcap, and a five-pin military connector mounted in place. The insertion length (I.L.) is calculated to the end of the electrode and can be specified by the customer. For standard probes, the maximum insertion length is given in the chart below. This maximum I.L. is based on the length of a carbon steel electrode. Electrode lengths may vary depending on the alloy. Electrodes are ordered separately.


Probe Body - 316 Stainless Steel
Endcap Seal - Glass
Fill Material - Epoxy
Temperature Rating - 500° F / 260° C
Pressure Rating - 1500 PSI / 102 Bar
Mounting - 1" NPT Pipe Plug

Std. Length I.L. (Max)
8" 5.8"
12" 9.8"
18" 15.8"


LP3100 Ordering Information

LP3 - Linear Polarization Adjustable Length Pipe Plug Probe
  Pipe Plug Size
3 - 1" NPT Pipe Plug
  Probe Body Material
22 - 316
  LP Electrode Options
30 - Three-electrode integral type
Seal Type
1 - Glass
08 - 5.8" max. insertion length
12 - 9.8" max. insertion length
18 - 15.8" max. insertion length
000 - None
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This list represents our most common options.  Many other sizes, alloys, and options are available.
Please contact your Metal Samples sales representative if you do not see what you're looking for.
(Note: Not all alloys are available with all element types and seals.)

Electrodes are replaceable and are sold separately (below.)


EL412 Style Electrodes

el412.gif (2216 bytes)
Common Electrodes
Alloy UNS Number Part#  
C1018 Carbon Steel G10180 EL4123772800000
304L Stainless Steel G30403 EL4121452800000
316L Stainless Steel S31603 EL4121592800000
CDA110 Copper C11000 EL4124192800000
CDA443 Admiralty Brass C44300 EL4124342800000
AL1100 Aluminum A91100 EL4122902800000
AL6061 Aluminum A96061 EL4123382800000
AL7075 Aluminum A97075 EL4122272800000
Other - Please specify in comments N/A EL412XXX2800000
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