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Models TF0222 | TF0220

PAIR™ Laboratory Probes

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TF0222 Laboratory Probe


Each Metal Samples Corrosion Monitoring Systems laboratory probe is supplied with individual electrode extension rods which are ¼" in diameter and 11½" in length. A 5-40 thread is located at one rod end for electrode attachment. The other rod end is reduced to 1/16" diameter for connection to the supplied electrical harness. Rods have a two layer FEP coating, which is covered by plastic tubing to protect against chemical attack.

A snap-on, three-wire electrical harness connects electrode extension rods to instrument cable through MIL environmental fittings. Connections are referenced by molded rubber knobs on harness fittings.

The snap-on electrical harness arrangement is ideal for comparative testing of three different metals or alloys by switching test-reference-auxiliary electrode connections. Individual electrode rods are convenient for substitution of a calomel (or other) reference electrode into the PAIR™ system.


TF0222 Laboratory Probe Assembly

Model TF0222 laboratory probe is designed for insertion into a glass beaker (supplied) or retort through an easy-release tapered Teflon® stopper. The stopper is equipped with Swagelok fittings installed in three triangularly oriented ¼" diameter holes for electrode extension rods.

Also included in the assembly are three electrode extension rods and one electrical harness.

Size: 16" high (40 cm)

Weight: 2 pounds (.9 kg)

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TF0222 Laboratory Probe Assembly



TF0220 Lab Cell / Probe Assembly

Model TF0220 consists of a one liter glass jar complete with a fitted Delrin top. The top is supplied with a series of holes, three with Swagelok fittings. The assembly also includes three coated electrode extension rods and a snap-on electrical harness.

Size: 14" (36 cm) overall height

Weight: 2 pounds (.9 kg)

TF0220 Lab Cell

Part # Description  
TF0220 Lab Cell / Probe Assembly

All probes will be supplied with MIL environmental electrical connectors unless specifically ordered otherwise. A wide range of replaceable electrodes (ordered separately) are available to meet your specific needs.

Teflon® is a registered trademark of DuPont.

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