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Model HY7000

Hydrogen Probe
for High Pressure (HPTM and MHTM) Access Systems

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Model HY7000 is a high pressure hydrogen probe configuration which can be used for pressures up to 3600 psi. Hydrogen probes are commonly used for monitoring hydrogen permeation in steels, which could lead to embrittlement, blistering, and decarburization resulting in the failure of the material.

This intrusive hydrogen probe assembly consists of three subassemblies (sold separately): the gauge assembly, the hollow plug assembly, and the HY7000 sensing element assembly. The gauge assembly consists of a gauge body, a pressure gauge (0-60 psi), a temperature gauge, and a bleed valve. The sensing element on the HY7000 probe is about 3 inches long and consists of a thin-walled tube which is sealed from the process and allows nascent hydrogen to permeate. The minimum insertion length (I.L.) of the probe is 6 inches and can be ordered in 1 inch increments.

Length formula:

I.L. = PD + WT + 1.75"
(where PD = penetration depth, WT = wall thickness)

Note: Formula valid for access fitting heights of 5.25" (HP) and 5.5" (MH).


Probe Body - 316 Stainless Steel
Temperature Rating - 500° F / 260° C
Pressure Rating - 3600 PSI / 245 Bar
Mounting - High Pressure (HP or MH) Access System with Hollow Plug

HY7000 Odering Information

Plug Type
HA103158378 - High Pressure Hydrogen Probe Sensing Element
Length in inches (Ex: 6" = 06). Available in 1" increments starting at 6".
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Gauge Assembly Parts
Part # Description  
PS5509 Gauge Assembly (complete) - contains all parts listed below
PR6441158 Pressure Gauge
PR6032 Temperature Gauge
PR6034 Bleed Valve
PS5603158 Gauge Block/Rod Assembly
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