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Model ER7210-ME

Special* ER Probe with Flush Element
Retrievable Type for use in High Pressure (HPTM and MHTM) Access Systems

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Model ER7210-ME series of probes operates based on the ER technique, and is specially designed for use with high resolution instruments from other suppliers. Model ER7210-ME probes are manufactured using superior materials and techniques to provide improved performance. Better potting materials ensure greater stability by improving heat-transfer efficiency, while laser-welded wire connections extend the functional temperature range of the probe, and ensure reliable, low-resistance connections. In addition, Model ER7210-ME flush probes are encapsulated using Ryton® PPS which provides excellent chemical resistance, thermal stability, and strength.

Model ER7210-ME is a fixed-length, flush-mount, retrievable probe for use with HP™ and MH™ high pressure access systems. This allows the probe to be installed in the process, using a retrieval tool and service valve, without process shutdown. The insertion length (I.L.) can range from a minimum of 1.75" up to any length specified by the customer in 1/8" increments, using the formula:

I.L. = PD + WT + 1.75"
(where PD = penetration depth, WT = wall thickness)
For top-of-the-line, flush-mount monitoring, PD = 0.

Note: Formula valid for access fitting heights of 5.25" (HP) and 5.5" (MH).

The flush-mount element is ideally suited for applications such as pigged pipelines or high-flow systems where the probe face needs to be flush with the wall of the pipe.

* Model ER7210-ME is designed to be compatible with high-resolution or "high speed" instruments from other manufacturers. For the Metal Samples standard probe see model ER7210.


Probe Body - 316 Stainless Steel (other materials available upon request)
Element Seal - Epoxy or Ryton® PPS1
Fill Material - Ceramic
Temperature Rating - 500° F / 260° C
Pressure Rating - 3600 PSI / 245 Bar
Mounting - High Pressure (HPTM or MHTM) Access System with Hollow Plug


ER7210-ME Ordering Information

HR - High-Resolution Electrical Resistance Probe for High Pressure (HP and MH) Access Systems
  Probe Body Material
2 - 316 SS
3 - C276
  Connector Type
5 - Small/Threaded Connector
  ER Element Options
D - FL10 Flush Mount - 10 mil thickness (5 mil useful probe life)
E - FL20 Flush Mount - 20 mil thickness (10 mil useful probe life)
  Seal Type
3 - Epoxy
4 - Ryton® PPS1
  Length (Round calculated length down to the nearest 1/8")
Enter length in inches, stated in 2 decimal place format (Example: 6 1/8" = 0612) Click here to open Length Calculator
  Element Alloy2
375 - Pipe Grade Carbon Steel3
141 - 304L Stainless Steel
159 - 316L Stainless Steel
  Shield Options
00 - No shield
-ME - Special
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This list represents our most common options.  Many other sizes, alloys, and options are available.
Please contact your Metal Samples sales representative if you do not see what you're looking for.
(Note: Not all alloys are available with all element types and seals.)

1 Ryton® PPS seal available standard with carbon steel elements. Other alloys available by special order. Contact our sales department for pricing information.
2 Other element alloys available.
3 Chemically equivalent to common pipe-grade carbon steels.

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