Laser Welding Services


Laser welding servicesLaser welding services are performed at Alabama Laser with the use of our CO2 laser systems, Nd:YAG laser systems and fiber laser systems.

Our Nd:YAG laser welding systems offer fiber optic beam delivery to ensure a precise, clean weld with a minimal heat affected zone. Laser welding is particularly useful in the welding of dissimilar metals.

Laser welding opens up many different configurations and innovative joint designs which were previously unachievable with conventional welding methods.

Laser Welding with Various Types of Laser Systems  
Laser welding services
CO2 laser welding
Laser welding services
Nd:YAG laser welding
Laser welding services
Fiber laser welding
Keyhole Laser Welding on Titanium Material  
Laser welding services
Laser welding
Top view
Laser welding
Bottom view

Laser welding services
High-speed laser pattern welding
Laser welding services
Full penetration keyhole laser weld
on 1/8" Inconel 800
Laser welding services
Comparison of heat-affected zones
Laser welding vs. conventional welding

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