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Laser Cladding Services

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Laser Cladding Services


Laser Cladding by Industry

Laser Cladding Services Oil & Gas Industry Laser Cladding ServicesElectric Motor Repair Industry Laser Cladding Services Power Generation Industry

Alabama Laser provides laser cladding services, using lasers to deposit a layer of material onto a substrate by way of powder or wire.

  • Reburbish damaged parts to OEM specs

  • Repair worn surfaces

  • Provide enhanced corrosion / erosion resistance


Laser cladding provides minimal dilution and a small heat affected zone when compared to conventional welding.

Laser cladding uses a metallurgical bond between the base material and the substrate unlike a thermal spray process where the bond is mechanical.

Laser Cladding Services

Laser Cladding Services Hot Wire Laser Cladding

Alabama Laser’s Hot Wire Laser Cladding offers improved performance over conventional surface coating methods, including:

   • No wasted filler material

   • Production repeatability

   • Stable production rates

3D Laser Cladding Capabilities
with 5-Axis Laser Cladding System

Our 5-axis laser cladding system gives us the added capability of working with many different geometries.
Laser Cladding Services

Code Stamp Certified

ASME Section VIII Division 1
S Stamp & U Stamp

NBIC (National Board of Boilers
& Pressure Vessel Inspectors)

R Stamp

Laser Cladding Services
Article in the Laser Institute of America's LIA Today
explaining the fundamentals of Laser Cladding


Laser Cladding Cells for High Volume Production

Our multiple laser cladding cells allow us to clad shafts or tubes up to 60 feet.long and diameters from 1" up to 48".

We also have in-house blasting and grinding for pre-clad preparation as well as post-clad cleanup.

Laser Cladding Services

Laser Cladding Services

I.D. Laser Cladding

In addition to our capabilities of laser cladding the outside of a pipe, we are also able to laser clad inner dimensions using both powder and wire techniques.

Die Repair / Die Modification using 5-Axis Laser Cladding

Alabama Laser uses laser cladding for die repair / die modification for both large and small dies.

Laser Cladding Services

Laser Cladding Services

Electric Motor Repair using Laser Cladding

  • Repairing electric motor shafts

  • Repairing oversized or worn keyways


Laser Cladding - Power Generation Industry

  • Boiler Tubes

  • Pump Components

  • Pipe Slip Joints

  • Agitator Blades


Laser Cladding Services

Laser Cladding Services

Laser Cladding - Oil & Gas Industry

  • Hydraulic Shafts

  • Downhole Tools

  • Tool Joints

  • Valve Seats

  • Flanges

  • Oil & Gas Pumps


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