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Alabama R&D Tissue Slicer
(formerly Krumdieck Tissue Slicer)

The Alabama R&D Tissue Slicer is used to rapidly prepare aseptic, thin slices of live tissues for biochemical, pharmacological, toxicological, neurological, and other in vitro studies.

Our latest design has many improvements that make the Alabama R&D Tissue Slicer more user friendly with a host of new features that enable the end user to concentrate more on their experiments rather than machine operation.

Advanced Features of our Tissue Slicer:

  • New Cabinet design with state-of-the-art DC Electronic Upgrades
  • Improved Microtome Assembly with Magnetic Blade Holder
  • Reengineered shorter counter-balanced Drive Shaft for smoother blade travel
  • Independent speed controls between Reciprocating Arm and Blade Motor

Advantages of our Tissue Slicer:

  • Quieter operation with less vibration producing more consistent tissue slices
  • Electronic Key Pad replaces manual switches and dials
  • Fewer mechanical moving parts providing more reproducible and consistent tissue slices


Tissue Slicer
Alabama R&D Tissue Slicer


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