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Tissue Embedding Unit

The Tissue Embedding Unit is used to prepare tissue samples for slicing by fully encasing them in an agarose gel. The gel, which does not adhere to the tissues, easily separates from them after slicing.

Sectioning agarose embedded samples significantly improves the quality of the slices. Thinner slices of very reproducible dimensions are easily obtained. Embedding widens the scope of tissue samples that can be sectioned by the Alabama R&D Tissue Slicer by:

  • eliminating the need to make cylindrical cores.
  • allowing the use of small tissue samples or organs (e.g., rat adrenal, pituitary).
  • allowing the use of irregularly shaped tissue samples.
  • providing better support of tissue during slicing.
  • allowing orientation of the sample to facilitate sequential slicing.
  • providing better quality slices.

In practice, the tissue samples are dissected on the ice-cooled working surface of the embedding unit and placed inside a mold-plunger assembly pre-cooled in a chilled aluminum cooling block. Enough low temperature gelling agarose (FMC Sea Plaque 3% @ 37C) is poured into the mold-plunger to cover the specimen. The gel hardens in 2 minutes or less and the embedded sample is transferred to the well of the slicer together with the plunger. Slicing can be initiated immediately.

Embedding is recommended whenever small differences in the parameter(s) under observation are expected between slices in the experimental and control groups.


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