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EDM ServicesOur electrical discharge machining (EDM) department features the latest in technologically advanced equipment, including auto threading, 4-axis cutting, submerged machining, anti-electrolysis power supply, and small wire capabilities. These machines are used to hold exceptionally tight tolerances on exotic and other materials that are difficult to machine using other methods. Our sinker machines can EDM parts spherically and helically at the same time, producing exceptional finishes.

Our EDM equipment can cut material thicknesses up to 20 inches and produce finishes of 12-15 RMS on steel and 8-9 RMS on carbide.

Our EDM department houses 9 wire EDMs, 2 RAM/sinker EDMs, and 3 hole popper EDMs, which give us the capability to take on large jobs and provide quick turnaround.

Our hole poppers allow us to drill holes from .010 to .120 inch diameter in material up to 16 inches thick. They will drill any conductive material regardless of hardness and can drill blind holes as well.

EDM Services   EDM Services   EDM Services   EDM Services

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